Wildlife Removal

Our Standard Wildlife Removal Includes:

white bat


white bird


white possum


Image of a raccoon


white snake


white squirrel


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    Our Standard Wildlife Removal Includes:

    • Identifying the problem.

      It is important to know what animal you are dealing with to be able to solve the problem. We provide a full, inside and out inspection, however each job is different.

    • Locate the origin of entry.

      We will search to locate all applicable entry points. We seal off all the entry points by which the animal can enter. This consists of sealing the entire construction gap with solid galvanized metal, sealing crawl space vents or sealing gable vents.

    • Set traps and remove.

      We set traps and humanely remove animals, relocating them so they will not return.

    • Optional — attic cleanup.

      The critters living in your attic likely left quite a mess, dragging in nesting material and food while urinating and defecating everywhere. We can clean out all the contamination; if we don’t clean your attic, the scent of previous animals could attract new ones.