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Say Goodbye to Cockroaches

Finding one roach might not seem like a big deal, but cockroaches are quick to infest a home while searching for food, water, or shelter. With a year lifespan, female roaches produce an average of 150 young. And in their peak,  they produce up to 36 eggs every two weeks. Eliminating the threat of roaches can be difficult, especially once they have started to multiply, but with the help of the skilled roach exterminators at Hired Killers, we can help your home become roach free.

Prepare for Your Roach Extermination

For a successful extermination, you’ll need to follow these steps prior to your treatment. No areas will be treated while occupied by humans.

  1. Empty out all upper and lower kitchen and bathroom cabinets.
  2. Empty out all drawers in the kitchen and bathroom.
  3. Remove all small appliances from countertops.
  4. Clean all appliances, countertops, cabinets, drawers and kitchen/bathroom floors.
  5. Place all items from the cabinets on the table or in the center of the living room floor and cover with a sheet, blanket, or plastic tarp.
  6. Pull refrigerator, dishwasher, and stove away from the wall far enough for the technician to get behind them.
  7. Vacuum all floors making sure to get cracks near the baseboards, this will help with getting roach eggs. Vacuum edges of all cabinets and drawers for eggs too.
  8. Do not keep any food out during treatment, including unopened food. Place unopened food on a table or in the middle of the living room and cover with a sheet, blanket, or plastic tarp.

Once the treatment is complete, plan to stay out of your home for four hours, this includes pets and other animals.

Your Home After Cockroach Treatment

Following the steps below will help ensure your extermination is successful.

  1. After re-entry, make sure to clean all surfaces that come in contact with food, and clean off bottom surfaces of cabinets.
  2. Do not touch roach bait.
  3. Vacuum any visible dead roaches every day.
  4. Do not leave any food, trash, grease, or beverages out at night. Clean sanitation practices are important in order to completely eliminate roach infestations.

If you’ve suffered a heavy roach infestation, we highly recommend following up your initial treatment with a Monthly Service Plan.

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One roach sighting can easily and quickly turn into an infestation within weeks. If you are having cockroach issues, don’t wait.

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