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Get Rid of Fleas & Ticks

Inside and Outside Your Home

Fleas and Ticks can cause endless amounts of frustration and annoyance for any homeowner, especially those with pets. Residing in the hot and humid South means you’re at a higher risk of flea and tick problems. The team at Hired Killers has been successfully helping homeowners eliminate fleas and ticks in their yard and inside their home.

Prepare for Your Flea & Tick Treatment

Inside the Home

For a successful extermination, you’ll need to follow these steps prior to your treatment. If not, Hired Killers cannot guarantee treatment.

  1. Aquariums with fish must be removed or covered and air pumps must be turned off during treatment.
  2. Pets, birds, reptiles, and other exotic pets should be removed during treatment.
  3. Remove all items from all floors (clothing, shoes, toys, pet food and water dishes, litter boxes).
    1. Includes closets, under beds under furniture like chairs and couches
    2. Draperies should be tied back to expose the floor
    3. Thoroughly vacuum or wash all floor surfaces, including edges of hard flooring
    4. Dispose of vacuum bag or contents in a sealed plastic bag immediately after use
    5. Vacuum thorough any furniture where pets are allowed to sleep or otherwise spend time. Remove cushions and vacuum surfaces, seams, and edges below them
  4. Pet bedding and other linens pets sleep on must be washed in hot water or run through a hot dryer
  5. Do not re-enter the treated rooms until treated surfaces are dry usually four hours after service

Once surfaces have dried, all materials used will pose no risk to people or pets that contact the treated surfaces. Be advised: it is normal to see an occasional flea for two weeks after treatment. Daily vacuuming after the first week will shorten the length of time this occurs. A chemical re-treatment is not necessary within the first two weeks.

Outside the Home

Following the steps below will ensure a successful extermination of fleas and ticks outside your home.

  1. All pets must be removed from the treatment area and yard. Each pet must be treated for fleas by a veterinarian, licensed pet groomer, or DIY flea products. Pets are the source for fleas. Preventing fleas on your pets will prevent flea infestations in your home in the future.
  2. Remove all outside toys and other lawn objects
  3. Remove pet food and outside water containers
  4. Yard should be in a good, maintained condition with yard wastes like leaves and lawn clippings removed

Schedule Flea or Tick Service

Don’t let freeloading fleas and ticks invade your home and pets. While most common in the warmer months, fleas and ticks still pose a threat in the winter. If you think you might have a flea or tick infestation, don’t wait.

Hired Killers Pest Control offers flea and tick treatment in Greenville, SC; Spartanburg, SC; Greer, SC; Anderson, SC; Seneca, SC; and Blue Ridge, SC. Get in touch with us today.